Norrköping, July 2013

Some of the clematis has started flowering. This is "Mrs Cholmondeley".

Another clematis that I unfortunately forgotten the name of.

Everything grows like there is no tomorrow. I like the way the geraniums throw themselves in my way.

Norrköping, June 2013

My woodland is expanding slowly, slowly. I'm pleased with the stepping stones it the bed but less pleased with the square shape the bed turned out. I will try and find a nice trailer to plant on the side. I will also plant a tree to the right of the bed to give it more shade. I'm still contemplating what to choose.

Norrköping, May 2013

This is my favourite time of the year. The Anemone nemorosa is flowering at the feet of the lovely tree peonies that will follow in a few weeks time.

Hoya multiflora SV406

Hoya multiflora

Indoors the ever faithfully Hoya multiflora "SV406" has flowered from time to time.

Hoya imperialis

Hoya imperialis

And Hoya imperialis "Borneo Red" of course. The big flowers gets dark spots when they get a lot of sunlight.

Norrköping, January 2013

Hoya lockii

Hoya lockii

is a new species that I bought a small cutting from at the hoya meeting this autumn and it has grown quite well since then. It has been gracious enough to start flowering in the darkest of months when there is nothing else on display.