Growing hoyas

FörstoringFirst of all I want to make clear that what I have written down here is how I take care of my hoyas. Read it and try it if YOU think it makes sense. Light and humidity varies from home to home and makes it impossible to say that this is the only way to treat a plant. Ask any other hoya-enthusiast and you will get a completely different answer.

My way

I live in a typical Swedish house that is about 21-22 degrees during the winter and 24-25 in the summer. It is a rather dry climate, which you have to take in consideration when you read about my way of growing hoyas.

In most windows facing southeast or southwest I have marquees that protect from the sun. Without it the leaves will turn yellow in the summer due to the strong heat behind the windowpanes.

My main concern is to get the humidity up since the pots dry out quickly in the summer sun or by the central heating in the winter.