Hoya manipurensis

Förstoring Hoya manipurensis used to be Micholitzia obcordata but was (once again) moved to hoyas in 2006 by Livia Wanntorp after having examined it using DNA technique. Wanntorp et al: Towards a Monophyletic Hoya

Förstoring Hoya manipurensis has a somewhat awkward growth. The new stems look rather bushy but are too weak to keep their upright stature for long and soon start trailing stiffly out of the pot. Förstoring The first picture (to the right) of the whole plant was taken at the Botanical Garden in Uppsala and the second picture (to the right) shows my own plant.

The colour of the leaves is medium green with few grey spots and they are nicely heart shaped. Förstoring I have put three cuttings in the same pot and I continually nip Förstoring the stems to see if it can make a nice bushy plant.

The flowers are tiny and they look very much like a Dischidia. The peduncles are really short almost invisible before the buds start growing. It usually has had around five flowers in the umbel which is hardly more than 1.5 cm across. Cute but rather uninteresting!