Hoya platycaulis

Förstoring This hoya was called H. sp “Flat Stem” from the beginning. To me the flowers looks like a mix between a H. multiflora and a H. lobbii. The growth is also upright bushy.

Förstoring This is a fast growing hoya for me and I was soon able to take more cuttings and put three in the same pot. Förstoring It drinks a lot of water and I constantly struggle to keep up with it. At one point I thought it was too late but I was able to save some cuttings and now one of the stems has grown huge and has four peduncles in a row.

The leaves are thin and a light green colour with no silver spots. The biggest leaves are 26 cm long and 3 cm wide. Förstoring Förstoring I grow it under artificial light and when it comesdangerously close to the light bulb the stem turns almost red.

It grows peduncles easily in almost every node. I’m not sure if they are perennial or not since they tend to drop when I miss watering the plant If not, maybe they would have lasted. I can only blame myself since it’s in a self-watering pot. The flowers are a pale yellowish green and have a really nice lemony scent.