Hoya cv 'Kaimuki'

Förstoring This is a hybrid made by the Hawaiian grower Michael Miyashiro. It’s a cross between H. archboldiana and H. macgillivrayi. The leaves are dark green with no grey spots at all. They are 14 cm long and 7 cm wide and have small dents along both sides of the mid vein. My plant flowered very early and I have the experience that when hoyas do this they are very reluctant to grow bigger for a long time. Well after having flowered several times it stopped flowering and started growing again and only after 4 years it decided it was time again.

Förstoring Each flower is very big about 6 cm across counting the protruding corolla lobes. It’s a nice deep colour of red and the scent is subtle and nice reminding me of some delicious body lotion. The flowers lasted surprisingly long counting from the first flower opening until the last one wilted almost 14 days.